DAT-daddy (Excel Add-in) is the ultimate solution for editing industry standard Concordance DAT files.

Excel SMS Add-in

Excel SMS add-in is designed for enabling the users to send fully user-specific targeted SMS right from an Excel sheet, by picking data from sheet.

SMS Sending Method:

Add-in uses GSM modem to send SMS. You can use any USB/Serial port GSM modem.
You can also use a Huawei Wingle. The add-in will activate the SMS-mode of Huawei device and use it for sending SMS.
It’s also possible to integrate SMS-API for sending SMS. We can do it on-demand for API of your choice.

User-Defined Templates:

User can define the SMS templates for sending different types of SMS. Next time, you don’t need to type the message again. Just open the sheet, select the template and click Send!

SAP Integration with COMET

The integration of SAP with COMET and other systems is an essential factor contributing to the efficient use and acceptance of a project management solution. It ensures that staff – including project managers, team leaders and accountants – can work with the tool best suited to their job role and can always access relevant data from other systems.

MAC’s solution provides multi-directional data exchange while ensuring the consistency of the data synchronised between the systems with country wide multi node deployment.