Online Music School

It is an online music school where freelance musicians can register themselves online as teachers/students, then learn and teach others to play the instrument(s) of their choice through the web or an android app.

A Reporting Tool Web Application

It is a management application for visualising and reporting. Wherein users can create reports of the data. In visualising, the user can create visualisation as two graphs, including- ‘Technology Radar Graph’ and ‘Hobbs-Pearson Trials’. The graphs are interactive and allow hovering mouse over the link to access individual reports. Based on the filtering that the user does, the Web Application should creates a detailed radar graph.

Expense Tracking Mobile Application

Users will come to the application and they will be able to log in on the application. Once a user logs in, he will be able to view the list of expenses with their status. Users will be able to create a new expense in the application. Users will be able to scan a receipt to add any expense in the application.